Sec-Ops, Inc.

Facility and Security Services Provider

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


OUR VISION  To build on managements proud history and expand our business base providing professional services, while providing unmatched customer service.     


OUR MISSION  To become a valued member of our customer’s team and to create the environment where Sec-Ops is considered the preferred service provider.     


OUR VALUES  We value and provide a total support business environment that promotes safety, diversity, empowers employees, and rewards performance.


We have built a reputation of delivering quality services that meet or exceed our client’s requirements and expectations. With our management experience, professional personnel, strategic partners, industry resources, and fluid capabilities, the Sec-Ops Team is capable of successfully executing the most stringent contractual requirements and implementation timelines.


Sec-Ops delivers quality facility, logistic and security services at the best value. We specialize in the Government and Industrial Security Mission. We provide armed facility and resource protection, unarmed security officers, systems integration and security technology including: CCTV, Access Control (AC), gate operators, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Fire and Life Safety (FLS) systems, and security systems design and engineering services.

Value Added Team Member

Sec-Ops, Inc. has a proud tradition of working with government agencies and commercial customers. As a certified SDVOSB, Texas HUB and Federal HUBZone firm with a management structure that provides unsurpassed commitment, Sec-Ops is delivering services that meet or exceed our client expectations. Sec-Ops broad experience and quality past performance in the commercial and government services industry emphasizes its capabilities to provide a full range of facility operations, emergency management and total security services.

About Us


Facilities Operations & Maintenance Services

No other certified SDV small business can match the commitment of our management team, our integrated service solutions and government contracting knowledge found in the Sec-Ops Team. Quality Services In: -Total Security Services  -Systems Integration and Design Build services  -Emergency Management  -Base Support Services  -Security Contingency Consultant Teams  -National Consulting Services  -Quality Control Programs  -and more...



We are the highly capable contractor that can provide reliable support to your mission and requested requirements in the following NAICS codes:  

• 561210 - Facilities Support Services  

• 541611 - Admin Mngt and General Mngt Consulting Services  

• 561612 - Security Guards and Patrol Services  

• 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)  

• 561720 - Janitorial Services  

• 561730 - Landscaping Services  

• 561790 - Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings 

• 722310 - Food Service Contractors  

• 423840 - Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  

• 561611 - Investigation Services



-Customer Driven Performance -Valued Engineering Concepts and Proposals -Customer Partnering  -Quality & Safety Programs  -Employee Empowerment and Rewards  -Risk Mitigation  -Strategic Sourcing  -Experienced Project Management.

As a services provider, our team brings real experienced concepts and solutions for Emergency Management, Security Operations & Maintenance, Security Systems integration, design build services and other support services.   Sec-Ops provides the "best value" solution at the right price and partners with our customers ensuring continuous improvement and performance.

The Total Security Provider


Security Training and Education

The Corporate Strategy for Sec-Ops, Inc. Security Forces and maintaining compliance with the Homeland Security Act of 2002 served to mobilize and organize our security forces to secure our clients from harm, damage, threats, and acts of terrorism. This exceedingly complex mission requires a focused effort from our entire security force if we are to be successful. To this end, one primary reason for the establishment of our security guard information manual was to provide the training, education, and a unifying core for the Sec-Ops clients, organizations and institutions we are contracted to secure. In order to better do this and to provide guidance to the Sec-Ops Security Forces who work every day on this important task, the corporation developed its own high-level strategic plan to unify our efforts. The vision and mission statements, strategic goals and objectives provide the framework guiding the actions that make up the daily operations of the security forces.

Security Technology/Systems Integration Solutions

Design, Build, Engineer, & Install: The Sec-Ops integration team has intimate knowledge of both hardware and software security solutions flexible to your industry budget. Whether you are prepared to invest in a full security package or need assistance with your network, panel integration, Access Control systems or installation of IP/Digital Camera systems, our professional team of highly trained technicians are up to the challenge.  When it comes to security of your facility, office building, business areas, or construction site, it is imperative to have a stable, well conceived plan in order to protect your assets, property and staff. We can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan that fits both your budget and security needs.

•  Wide area surveillance and CCTV systems    •  IP Access Control  •  Intrusion Alarm

• Outdoor / Perimeter Protection  •  Mass notification Systems / Paging  •  Gate Operators and perimeter sensors  •  Emergency communication and Panic systems  

•  IP Communication Systems •Intercom systems

Bandwidth & Network Management

*Dynamic Resolution and Frame Rate:

 With the embedded Video Management Systems (VMS) software, you are able to switch from low resolution, low frame-rate rates to high resolution, high frame rates when events occur.

*On-Camera Video Motion Detection:

Each network camera includes sophisticated multi-zone pixel-based video motion detection. Most systems require you to stream the IP video to a central computer where motion detection occurs. This means you are streaming video over the network even when there is no motion, which limits the number of cameras you can put on the network. Motion detection is built-in to the camera so if there is no motion, you aren't using any bandwidth.

Great Coverage / Quality Recording

The ultra-high-resolution IP Video images provide great camera coverage, better picture detail and an overall superior IP video experience. Save money on installation, service and support by using a single Multi-Megapixel "HD Quality" camera to replace multiple fixed cameras or an analog Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera.

See crisp clear images on recorded video, not blocky, blurry images. The high resolution lets you record and playback crisp, clear images with your IP Video Network Video Record (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capturing the details.

Replacing several cameras with a single Multi-Megapixel IP Video system improves the live and recorded viewing experience by eliminating the need for multiple monitors or complex, thumbnail multi-view screens.

Advantages to the Sec-Ops Approach

The use of an experienced management team to quickly asses the client's requirements, recommend quality solutions that are customer focused and rapidly deploy the trained and certified personnel and/or technology to mitigate our clients vulnerabilities and maintain a "hard Target Profile" while meeting all security mission requirements. 

1. Customer Focus: We have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust and builds connections that last. 

2. Expertise: We develop and demonstrate our expertise through identifying, qualifying, and delivering quality services that enhance our customer’s bottom line. 

3. Performance: We challenge ourselves to improve performance year after year by delivering quality services conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement. 

4. Best People: We always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunities and inspire them to live our values. 

5. Integrity: We can always be trusted to do the right thing.


Sec-Ops maintains Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE) as a core value and will protect all persons affected by our business activities in all our operations. We are dedicated to continuous efforts to make its operations compatible with protecting people, property and the environment.  Sec-Ops projects are designed to comply with OSHA, EPA, and DoD regulations.  Our safety management team has experience in HSE programs and accident prevention.  In addition, Sec-Ops consults with OSHA certified safety companies to conduct third party auditing, risk mitigation, and certified OSHA training.  With HSE as a core value, Sec-Ops develops and implements HSE plans that meet or exceed the clients expectations.